Samson and Goliath

The Show:
Samson & Goliath (also known as Young Samson & Goliath) is a 30-minute animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions for NBC in 1967, and primarily sponsored (and owned) by General Mills. It was later shown in syndication with The Space Kidettes as The Space Kidettes and Young Samson.

The show follows the adventures of a teenager named Samson and his dog, Goliath as they ride around the country on a motorbike. Whenever trouble arisse, usually in the form of a menacing super villain or evil scientist, Samson transforms himself into a superhero version of the biblical Samson by hitting his golden wristbands together. A second slam transforms Goliath into a super-powered lion. Samson has great strength, endurance, and agility, as well the ability to leap so well he appears to be flying. He can also direct shock waves from his wristbands, and by twisting his bracelets, can increase his and Goliath's powers to far greater levels. Goliath, in addition to having similar strength and leaping powers, has "power beam" rays that emanate from his eyes, apparently making him more powerful than Samson. The pair's reverse transformation is never depicted.

Characters: Actors:
Samson - Tim Mattheson

1. The Curse Of Monatabu
2. The Aurora Borealis Creature
3. The Great Colossus
4. Cold Wind From Venus
5. The SSK-19
6. Operation Peril
7. The Secret Of Evil Island
8. The Monsteroids
9. The Idol Rama-Keesh
10. Salamandro
11. Baron Von Skull
12. Moon Rendezvous
13. The Lost City Of The Dragon Men
14. The Colossal Coral Creature
15. Zuran's Creature
16. The Dome
17. Nerod
18. The Terrible Dr. Desto
19. From Out Of The Deep
20. Thing From The Black Mountains

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Mighty Mightor

The Show:
Mighty Mightor is a science fiction animated series created by Alex Toth for Hanna-Barbera Productions, which ran on CBS from 1967 to 1969. It aired along with Moby Dick shorts, and actually aired as Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor. Despite Moby's name coming first, his shorts served as backup for Mightor's.

One day, while on a hunting trip, a teenage caveman named Tor, along with his winged pet dinosaur Tog, rescue an old man who, as a reward, gives Tor a magical club. When Tor raises his club to the sky, he transforms into the masked and muscular Mightor, a prehistoric superhero very much in the Space Ghost mold who is super-strong and can fly and fire ray blasts from his club. Tog is turned into a fire-breathing dragon as well. As Mightor, he protects his village from evil-doers. Amongst the villagers are the chief, Pondo, and his daughter, the beautiful redhead, Sheera. Sheera has a younger brother named Little Rock, who loves pretending to be Mightor. The characters have several pets, including Little Rock's dodo bird Ork and Sheera's mammoth calf Bollo.

Characters: Actors:
Mightor - Paul Stewart
Tor - Bobby Diamond
Li'l Rok - Norma McMillan
Sheera - Patsy Garrett
Chief Pondo/Ork/Tog - John Stephenson

1. The Monster Keeper
2. The Tiger Men
3. The Bird People
4. The Serpent Queen
5. Mightor Meets Tyrannor
6. The Giant Hunters
7. Return Of Korg
8. Brutor The Barbarian
9. The Tusk People
10. Kragor And The Cavern Creatures
11. The Return Of The Vulture Men
12. The Snow Trapper
13. The People Keepers
14. The Tree Pygmies
15. The Vulture Men
16. Charr And The Fire People
17. The Stone Men
18. Vampire Island
19. Cult Of The Cavebearers
20. Attack Of The Ice Creatures
21. Revenge Of The Serpent Queen
22. Rok And His Gang
23. The Scorpion Men
24. The Sea Slavers
25. A Big Day For Little Rok
26. The Plant People
27. Tribe Of The Witchmen
28. The Return Of The Vulture Men
29. The Battle Of The Mountain Monsters
30. Vengence Of The Storm King
31. The Mightiest Warrior (missing)
32. Dinosaur Island
33. Rok To The Rescue
34. The Missing Village
35. The Greatest Escape
36. Rok And The Golden Rok
37. Battle Of The Mightors

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Spider-Man (1960s)

The Show:
The first Spider-Man series was Spider-Man by Grantray-Lawrence Animation and Kratz Animation (1967 - 1969). It ran for two seasons. Season 1 had two 13 minute episodes and Season 2 went to a half hour format. There was also a third unaired season that was later released in syndication. The series premiered on September 9, 1967 on ABC and ran till 1970.

The series revolves around the scientific-minded teenager Peter Parker who, after being bitten by a radioactive spider, develops amazing strength and spider-like powers. He decides to become a crime-fighting, costumed superhero; all the while dealing with his personal problems and the insecurities resulting from being a teenager. Spider-Man risks his life to fight super-powered criminals such as Mysterio and the Green Goblin; however, New York Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson views him as a criminal, and he is continually writing front page headlines declaring him as such.

The first season of the show dealt primarily with Peter working at the Daily Bugle as a teenage freelance photographer, thereby capturing his relationship with the gruff, demanding J. Jonah Jameson and shyly romancing Betty Brant over the reception desk, while Peter was often being called into action as his crime-fighting alter-ego. Peter's life away from the Bugle's newspaper offices and Aunt May's Forest Hills home were almost never dealt with in these early episodes, and he was also never seen at college-—although he would sometimes visit various professors he clearly knew (such as the opening of "Sub-Zero for Spidey," where he went to see a professor by the name of "Smartyr"). Still, the character design for young Parker was spot-on, combining the conceptualizations of both Steve Ditko (right down to the primary-colored blue suit, white shirt, and red tie) and John Romita Sr., who served as a consultant for the show.

Season 1 contained mostly stories involving classic Spider-Man villains from the comic book series, whose captures were often punctuated by a note signed "your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man." The Ralph Bakshi helmed Seasons 2 and 3 almost entirely eliminated villains from the comic book, choosing to instead have Spider-Man face generic magical villains and monsters.

Characters: Actors:
Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Bernard Cowan/Paul Sols
Betty Brandt - Peg Dixon
J. Jonah Jameson - Paul Kligman


Season 1 (1967-1968)
(40 Episodes In Season 1)
1. The Power Of Dr. Octopus (featuring Doc Ock)
2. Sub-Zero For Spidey
3. Where Crawls The Lizard (featuring The Lizard)
4. Electro the Human Lightning Bolt (featuring Electro)
5. The Menace Of Mysterio (featuring Mysterio; 1/2 hour episode)
6. The Sky Is Falling (featuring The Vulture)
7. Captured By J. Jonah Jameson (featuring Teddy-Bear Smythe Robot)
8. Never Step On A Scorpion (featuring The Scorpion)
9. Sands Of Crime (featuring The Sandman)
10. Diet Of Destruction
11. The Witching Hour (featuring The Green Goblin)
12. The Kilowatt Kaper (featuring Electro)
13. The Peril Of Parafino (featuring Parafino)
14. Armored Car Robbery
15. Horn Of The Rhino (featuring Rhino; 1/2 hour episode)
16. The One-Eyed Idol (featuring Harley Clivendon)
17. Fifth Avenue Phantom (featuring The Phantom)
18. The Revenge Of Dr. Magneto (featuring Dr. Magneto)
19. The Sinister Prime Minister (featuring Charles Cameo)
20. The Night Of The Villains (featuring Parafino)
21. Here Comes Trubble (featuring Miss Trubble)
22. Spider-Man Meets Dr. Noah Boddy (featuring Dr. Noah Boddy)
23. The Fantastic Fakir (featuring A Fakir)
24. Return Of The Flying Dutchman (featuring Mysterio)
25. Farewell Performance
26. The Golden Rhino (featuring The Rhino)
27. Blueprint For Crime (featuring The Ox, The Cowboy, and The Plotter)
28. The Spider And The Fly (featuring The Human Flies)
29. The Slippery Dr. Von Schlick (featuring Von Schlick)
30. Penthouse Robbery
31. The Vulture's Prey (featuring (The Vulture)
32. The Dark Terrors (featuring The Phantom)
33. The Terrible Triumph Of Dr. Octopus (featuring Doc Ock)
34. Magic Malice (featuring The Green Goblin)
35. Fountain Of Terror
36. Fiddler On The Loose
37. Sting Of The Scorpion (featuring The Scorpion)
38. Trick Or Treachery (featuring The Human Fly Twins)
39. To Catch A Spider (featuring Electro, Green Goblin, Vulture, and Dr. Noah Boddy)
40. Double Identity (featuring Charles Cameo)

Season 2 (1968-1969)
(20 Episodes In Season 2)
41. The Origin Of Spiderman
42. King Pinned
43. Swing City
44. Criminals In The Clouds
45. Menace From The Bottom Of The World
46. Diamond Dust
47. Spider-Man Battles The Molemen
48. Rhino
49. The Madness Of Mysterio
50. The Evil Sorcerer
51. Vine
52. Pardo Presents
53. Cloud City Of Gold
54. Neptune's Nose Cone
55. Home
56. Blotto
57. Thunder Rumble
58. Spider-Man Meets Skyboy
59. Cold Storage
60. To Cage A Spider

Season 3 (1969-1970)
(19 Episodes In Season 3)
61. The Winged Thing
62. Conner's Reptiles
63. Trouble With Snow
64. Spiderman Vs. Desperado
65. Sky Harbor
66. The Big Brainwasher
67. The Vanishing Doctor Vespasian
68. Scourge Of The Scarf
69. Super Swami
70. The Birth Of Microman
71. Knight Must Fall
72. The Devious Dr. Dumpty
73. Up From Nowhere
74. Rollaramp
75. The Phantom From The Depths Of Time
76. Revolt In The Fifth Dimension
77. Specialists And Slaves
78. Down To Earth
79. Trip To Tomorrow

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Space Sentinels/Young Sentinels

The Show:
Space Sentinels (originally titled The Young Sentinels and renamed midway through its only season) is a Saturday morning animated series produced by Filmation which debuted on the NBC network on September 10, 1977 and ran for thirteen half-hour episodes. The series has been called "ahead of its time" due to its racially diverse cast of main characters.
In this series, the Roman mythological figures Hercules and Mercury are joined by Astrea, a character created specifically for the series, to form a superhero team to protect mankind.

The back-story of the three heroes is explained in the opening narration of the series:

"Many centuries ago, three carefully selected young Earthlings were transported from their native lands to my faraway world. Here they were granted astounding powers, and eternal youth, then returned to Earth. Their mission: to watch over the human race, helping the good in it to survive and flourish. In the course of history, their names have become legend: Hercules, empowered with the strength of a hundred men. Astrea, able to assume any living form. Mercury, the amazing athlete who can match the speed of light. Working together with me, Sentinel One, and my maintenance robot, M.O., these teenage guardians form the greatest team the world has ever known: The Space Sentinels."

The series' characters are as follows:
Hercules: blonde-haired and blue-eyed Hercules possesses superhuman strength. He was voiced by George DiCenzo, who also voiced Sentinel One and later reprised the role of Hercules in the 'Freedom Force animated series.

Mercury: Mercury's power is the ability to run and fly at up to the speed of light. Mercury is of Asian ancestry. He was voiced by Asian American actor character actor Evan C. Kim (who is credited here as simply "Evan Kim").

Astrea: Astrea can morph into nearly any living animal. She, along with the Super Friends' Black Vulcan, were one of the very few African American superheroes on animated television at the time.

Mo (Maintenance Operator): Sentinel One's robot assistant, voiced by Filmation co-founder and executive producer Lou Scheimer.

Antagonists: The "sinister" villain Morpheus is the Sentinels' sworn enemy; he is also an Earthling given powers in the same manner as Hercules, Mercury, and Astrea, but far earlier. However, those who had given Morpheus his powers had erred by giving him a variety of powers rather than one specific power; he had rebelled and turned to evil. Secondary antagonists include The Sorceress, as well as Anubis, modeled after the Egyptian god of the same name.

Characters: Actors:
Hercules, Sentinel One - George DiCenzo
Mercury - Evan C. Kim
Astrea - Dee Timberlake
Mo - Lou Scheimer

1. Morpheus: the Sinister Sentinel
2. Space Giants
3. The Time Traveler
4. The Sorceress
5. The Return of Anubis
6. The Wizard of Od
7. The Prime Sentinel
8. Commander Nemo
9. Voyage to the Inner World
10. Loki
11. Fauna
12. The Jupiter Spore
13. The World Ship

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Space Ghost (1960s)

The Show:
This was a Hanna-Barbera Cartoon that ran from 1966 - 1968 on CBS. It premiered on September 10, 1966. They are approximately 8 minute long cartoons that sandwiched another cartoon called Dinoboy In The Lost Valley. These same cartoons were later paired with Frankenstein Jr. in The Space Ghost/Frankenstein Jr. Show in 1976. Space Ghost was an outer space crime fighter who had the ability to turn invisible and had a pair of wrist bands that projected force fields and various rays. He was accompanied by the twins Jan and Jace and their monkey Blip. Jan and Jace usually got in trouble and Blip would get everyone, including Space Ghost, out of it. But when push came to shove it was Space Ghost's powers that came through.

Space Ghost debuted in 1966 in Space Ghost (TV series), where Space Ghost shared time with an unrelated segment called Dino Boy in the Lost Valley. Space Ghost was voiced by Gary Owens along with Tim Matheson as the voice of Jace and Ginny Tyler voicing Jan. Space Ghost and his helpers fought supervillains with the recurring of them being Moltar, Zorak, Spider Woman (also named the Black Widow in some episodes), Metallus , Brak, and Creature King.
That Space Ghost show only lasted until 1968, but re-appeared in all-new segments on Space Stars in 1981.

Characters: Actors:
Space Ghost - Gary Owens
Jace - Tim Matheson
Jan -Ginny Tyler
Brak - Keye Luke
Moltar, Zorak, Blip - Don Messick
Metallus - Ted Cassidy
Spider Woman/Black Widow - Ginny Tyler
Creature King - Vic Perrin

Season 1 (1966-1967)
1. The Heat Thing
2. Zorak
3. The Web
4. The Lizard Slavers
5. The Sandman
6. Creature King
7. The Evil Collector
8. The Robot Master
9. The Drone
10. Hi-Jackers
11. Homing Device
12. The Iceman
13. The Energy Monster
14. The Lure
15. The Schemer
16. The Cyclopeds
17. Lokar, King Of The Locusts
18. Space Sargasso
19. Brago
20. Revenge of The Spider Woman
21. The Space Birds
22. Attack Of The Saucer Crab
23. Nightmare Planet
24. The Time Machine
25. Space Armada
26. The Challenge
27. The Jungle Planet
28. Ruler Of The Rock Robots
29. The Space Ark
30. Glasstor
31. The Space Piranhas
32. The Sorcerer
33. The Ovens Of Moltor
34. Transor-The Matter Mover
35. The Looters
36. The Gargoyloids
37. Council Of Doom 1: The Meeting
38. Council Of Doom 2: Clutches Of The Creature King
39. Council Of Doom 3: The Deadly Trap
40. Council Of Doom 4: The Molton Monsters Of Moltar
41. Council Of Doom 5: Two Faces Of Doom
42. Council Of Doom 6: The Final Encounter

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Justice League of America (1960s)

The Show:
The Justice League of America were 3 cartoon shorts that were part of Filmation's 1967 Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure Hour. The membership was comprised of the five male characters who also had their own animated features in the series--Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Hawkman, and The Atom. As with the other features in the series (other than Superman, Aquaman, and Batman), there were only three episodes made. The individual members came together only during a crises that proved greater than they could handle as individuals.

Characters: Actors:
Pat Harrington, Jr. - Atom
Cliff Owens - The Flash
Gerald Mohr - Green Lantern
Vic Perrin - Hawkman
Bud Collyer - Superman (in Justice League segments)
Ted Knight - Narrator

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The Show:
Produced by Filmation as a part of the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, Hawkman chronicled the adventures of the DC Comics-based super-hero. Hawkman was Carter Hall, an archeologist who was the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince, Khufu. In the comics, he and Hawkgirl used the same tools displayed in his museum to fight crime.

Hawkman's first animated appearance was in the 1967 Filmation animated series The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, in which Hawkman appeared in several shorts, either in solo adventures or as part of the Justice League. The cartoon version resembled the Silver Age hero closely, with the exception of his using a ray blaster "power claw" instead of archaic weapons and instead of Hawkgirl, an eagle sidekick named Skreal. Additionally his space craft was bird shaped. There were only three 7-minute episodes of The Atom produced.

Characters: Actors:
Vic Perrin - Hawkman
Ted Knight - Narrator

Peril from Pluto
A Visit to Venus
The Twenty Third Dimension

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